Dinner night in Denton

Scribbled by Darrell Barnes

I had an incredible evening with some amazing friends. I went over to the home of Denise and Aaron Power to have dinner with them and Ashley Seal. Denise had made some chicken and some type of pasta.

Thank you Aaron for modeling it for us. We had some great conversation over dinner and got to hear all about Ashley's time she's been spending in Nashville.

We then left to get coffee at St. Arbucks, then over to Yogurt Story. Jeremy and Kelley met up with us there. Here are some great photos from the night.

Ashley definitely didn't want to be in that last one. Heh.

It was such a great evening, and I feel so much joy to have these people in my life.

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The Longs said...

I loved dinner nights in Denton. I know I have said it before but we cannot wait to be back in Denton with all our friends and have dinner in Denton night at the house with you again! T-minus 59 days :)

denisie power said...

WOO!! what a great evening. it was definitely long overdue. :) thanks for hangin' with us!!!!

Tim said...

Good times with good friends. Nice.

Like your post about carpe diem. Very valid thoughts, and a great quote.